2022 Spring Holy Day Schedule & Locations

Passover Service - Thursday April 14 - Estero church - Please be seated by 7:30 pm. bring Towel & Bible

First Day Of Unleavened Bread - Saturday April 16 - Airport Holiday Inn (Hwy. 75 & Alico Rd) - one service at 10:30 am

Last Day Of Unleavened Bread - Friday April 22 - Estero Church - Double Services, 11:00 am & 3 pm.


Pentecost - Sunday June 5 - Airport Holiday Inn (Hwy. 75 & Alico Rd.) - Double Services, 10:30 am & 2:30 pm.

Foundation Outreach International


Foundation Institute Online

Life, Hope and Truth website

In Accord is now online!

We are very pleased to announce a new feature for communicating with the Church members around the world. Effective immediately, we will be posting a weekly video update on the member website ( You can go there now to see the inaugural posting of In Accord—the video “sister” of our monthly publication, One Accord.

As President Jim Franks explains in this introductory video, this weekly update will be your online source for news and commentary on the latest developments in the work of the Church of God, a Worldwide Association. Our plan is to post a new update sometime by Thursday evening of each week. We hope and trust that you will enjoy each and every update, and that this will prove to be a very popular and helpful resource for promoting unity within the Church.

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